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Posted by Lynn Reno on 6/8/2012
Finally I get to list all my newest and coolest handcrafted jewelry and unique stuff right here on my own website! A shopping cart on my website, I can't believe it's finally live! I've been working on for this longer than I care to admit and shopped and tried out other carts for too long before even deciding on this one, but the deed is done! So Welcome to my own personal store =) I am still planning to keep my Etsy and Artfire Stores open but you are going to find all my newest creations listed here first from here on out. You can checkout onsite with credit card (you can in all of my shops actually!) or by using Paypal. And I do ship internationally!

For those that are curious, this is a 3dcart store (PS use this link to get a cart for yourself, and you get a free month...and so do I!) and I am very happy with it. I had my hands deep in the code to get it how I wanted, though. I changed a lot of stuff and really took the time to learn about the cart, what it's capable of, and how to use it. I also did intensive testing of the functionalities of it, found some features did not work as anticipated and figured out how others work. I also spent some time figuring out how to make it faster, I think it's faster than both my Artfire and Etsy shops, so that rocks. All in all, it was very time consuming but I think the time was well spent as I have a far better understanding of all the features than I would have otherwise.

On to the business at hand! New stuff!
I have had multiple requests to make this piece or that piece in a smaller version, well geuss what? I'm going to start doing that on pieces that can handle it. What I mean by that is that pieces that already have tiny detail....well, I have to consider what happens to that detail when I make the piece smaller and not all pieces are going to fare well as a smaller piece. In fact there are pieces that are going to fare better if they were larger! Sigh, sculptures hopefully soon, that would rock.

Anyways, I've made some tiny bee pendants, well, tiny is relative, right? Tiny compared to my original ones =) I already have them listed in my Artfire and Etsy shops and soon they'll be here, too. I have so many things to list right now and so many things I want to make, but I keep findings things I want to change on the site and it is so time consuming. But, Smaller Thor's Hammers are coming soon as well, and they going to be so frickin' cool I can't wait to show them off.

I'm making some new butterflies (Pics coming soon!) now as well as butterfly wings and some tiny butterfly wing charms that can be used to make a necklace or for earrings. I know a certain dragon fan who is going to see these and give me a hard time for not making tiny dragon wings and she's right, I made these I can make tiny dragon wings, hopefully soon!
Butterfly Wings
I had a suggestion recently from someone who thought it might be neat if I made some Autism puzzle pieces in my industrial scrap style. I thought it would be neat to make some puzzle pieces! I'm always up for a challenge and the challenge for me was to not make these puzzle pendants in the same old shape that you see so many in because everyone pretty much uses the same cutter for them all. I wanted to make cool looking puzzle pieces that looked like ones from a real puzzle, pieces that were never a perfect shape. I think they turned out pretty cool!
Puzzle PendantsMore Puzzle Pendants

Am still trying to get glass dragon eye cabochons ready to sell, believe me when they're ready I'll be shouting it from the rooftops =) That's all for now, I need to get some serious stuff made, can't sell it if I don't make it, right? And then list it all! So many things to do, so little time.

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