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Urban Chic Fashion Jewelry Original Industrial Scrap Pendant
Faux Industrial Scrap Pendant

Urban Chic Fashion Jewelry Original Industrial Scrap Pendant

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Urban chic fashion jewelry by Desert Rubble, home of the original industrial scrap pendant. I created my first industrial scrap pendants as if they were jewelry from a post apocalyptic time period where old hardware and torn scrap metal were abundant. The pieces of metal were taken and formed into cool pendants worthy of a Mad Max movie....as if! These are polymer clay of course, but hey, that makes them light weight, right? I highlight the pendants in metallic brass and silver for a faux metal finish and antique them for a really old appearance. The overall effect is very post apocalyptic, which I love. These are also finished in several coats of sealer.

See photos for size, if size is not listed in description.

Please note***Any prop, cord, or wire used for photographing purposes are not included, see the Cords Category to add a cord to your order...they ship free when purchased as an add on. This will ship in a cotton lined jewelry box with a gift card.

I do not ship Internationally. Please see my FAQ for more shipping information.

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